Are you interested in working in Finland, but you do not know what kind of opportunities and hea_tehingrequirements there are. You haven’t worked in Finland before, but wish to try it now. Or you already have worked in Finland and wish to go there again. Contact our company and we can help you make this happen.

Puumedi Group Ltd was found in 2004 and the main function of the company is providing human resource solutions for Finnish health care facilities. Our partners are hospitals and private clinics around Finland. We are constantly looking for new specialists to work in Finland.

With our help it is easy to start working in Finland. We look for the place to work for you according to your wishes. You can decide for yourself if you wish to accept the offered job site. In most cases we have a job interview in the hospital, where the work will be carried out. This way you can see the place and the people hiring can see you. We help you get the Finnish Teo-authorisation. We also find the accommodation in Finland for you for the period of working there.

We try to make the contracts with the Finnish hospitals as good as possible, since we are paying you the same salary as for a Finnish doctor and the accommodation for the time of working in Finland. The contracts vary in length. We aim for contracts to be longer than four months. It is possible to work both part and full time.

Working in Finland requires a good knowledge of Finnish language. Therefore our company teaches Finnish to the personnel seeking work in Finland. We teach both beginner and advanced Finnish.

You can contact us by telephone +372 6109 613, or by e-mail: . You are also welcome to visit us in our office in Tallinn.