Greetings from the General Manager

The much discussed functionality of the health care and ever increasing need for doctors in Finland gave the first push to founding of Puumedi Group Ltd. After the influences of background work, life situation and a lot of pondering the company was founded in 2004 and the main office was located in Tallinn.

Although in the beginning the challenge was to combine the Estonian and Finnish legislation, the company on the other hand received a competitive advantage from the more favourable taxation and cost-effective operating costs of Estonia. These things enable for us to set the price of our services very competitive.

The first doctor began his work in Helsinki during the summer 2004. After this the company has been steadily growing. When the operations have continued, our personnel’s professional ability has increased and with the actions supporting the essential procedures we have aimed to also develope the quality of our services.

Today as our clients we have several satisfied public health care facilities, private clinics, rehabilitation centres and pharmacies in different part of Finland. You can also focus on the essential and leave us to worry about the lack of personnel.

Best Regards

Petri Oskari Puumalainen
Puumedi Group Ltd
General Manager